Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 19 is a big day for Celyo Rizal

BY ERIC ABELLANO (BSBA- rizal college of laguna)(

Celyo Rizal Inc., the national
federation of Rizalistas, presents its
own unique program to celebrate Dr. Jose
P. Rizal's 148th birth anniversary on
June 19. Central focus is its festival
of events in Calamba City. Satellite
celebrations will be held by different
member-groups of the Celyo Rizal
federation all over the nation.

The Rizalistas, now numbering in the
millions, await with baited breath the
final passage in the Senate of the Rizal
Bill otherwise known as HBN 5408 making
June 19 of every year the official
national Rizal Day in the country. The
Rizal Bill through the principal
authorship of Manila Congressman Jaime
C. Lopez was unanimously approved in
Congress last year. Passage of the bill
into law will be a double jubilation for
the Rizalistas and the rest of our people.

Giving Celyo Rizal, Inc. official status
was a great task in itself (its
SEC-registered). Its founder is the
Suprema Babaylan, Reyna Yolanda Liban
Manalo. Its task is to provide
Rizalistas not only a firm legal status,
but to unite all, thus giving them One
Mind: One Spirit: One Body: One Voice.

Celyo Rizal this year is participating
in the Rizal Festivities of Calamba
City’s Jose Rizal birth anniversary
celebrations. For the very first time,
Calamba City, Rizal’s birthplace, begins
its homage on June 12, Independence Day,
and continues until June 19, Rizal’s

Colorful, splendiferous spectacles are
to be expected,with a carnivalesque air
and atmosphere, a fitting homage and
salute to our foremost, supremest Father
and Architect of our Filipino nation.

Celyo Rizal will pay homage and
all-encompassing love to Bathalang Ama
by presenting its own unique program to
the theme: "Sino at Ano si Dr. Jose
Rizal," which conjuncts with Calamba
City’s theme: "Dr. Jose Rizal, Isang
Calambenyo, Idolo ng Sambayanang Pilipino."

Celyo Rizal's program and presentations
begins at 12 noon on June 18 at the LLC
Auditorium in Calamba City and ends on
June 19 with the Float Parade. Rizalista
delegates of different federated sects
and groups from all over the country are
gathering to take part in the grand
celebration of June 19. Everyone is invited.

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